Arts for Colorado attends The Deeply Co

The Deeply Co is a traveling music and art show featuring local artists in every city the event comes to and is hosted by singer-songwriter Jillian Edwards. On July 22nd, the show settled on a private rooftop and penthouse in the Capitol Hill area of Denver, CO. Janae, the WESTAF/AFC representative, was offered the opportunity to attend the night and observe one of the many creative events passing through the city. The intimate evening had food and drinks, laughter and chatter, music and art, and two dogs who made many new friends from the audience. One could look around and see the crowd was mixed with friends of the host, fans of Jillian and strangers who just wanted to be a part of the night. It was the perfect example of how art can bring a community together.

While folks waited for the show to start, they had the opportunity to browse the work of Leah McEachern of Surely Prints. Her work captured bold florals in reds, pinks and oranges. Once the crowd had settled in, Jillian took the stage. Switching between her acoustic and electric guitar, Jillian’s performance gently set the mood for an intimate evening of art and music. Her welcoming persona on stage allowed the crowd to have the ultimate house show experience. The set ended with her stepping away from the mic and into the middle of a surrounding audience with every person in the room singing along.

Arts for Colorado’s (AFC) main mission is to improve the creative climate throughout Colorado. It is events like The Deeply Co that need to exist throughout all urban and rural areas. These events can inspire, bring communities together, support artists of all kinds and help locals discover the amazing things happening in their cities or towns.

Arts for Colorado invites our readers to explore the creative events happening in your neighborhood! Whether you live in a small town or a big city, take some time to appreciate the local artists in your communities. You never know – you may find inspiration somewhere and discover you too possess a creative skill. So tell us! What’s going on in your art communities?