Rural Arts Now! is a network of rural artists, arts organizations, and arts supporters that was established to promote and support rural arts communities and events throughout Colorado.

M12 Art Collective is an art focused non-profit organization that is run by a collective of artists and creative professionals. M12 creates interdisciplinary site-based artworks, research projects, and education and outreach programs. Working in the fields of sculpture, architecture, and public art and design, this organizations favors projects that are centered in rural areas and which can be developed through dialogical and collaborative approaches. M12’s projects explore community identity and the value of often under-represented rural communities and their surrounding landscapes.


Space to Create Colorado is the first state driven initiative for affordable housing for artists and creative sector workers in the nation. Our mission is to develop affordable housing and work space, including commercial space, for artists and arts organizations and to position Colorado as the nation’s leader in artistled community transformation in rural communities. Space to Create will facilitate the development of nine projects in eight regions in Colorado’s rural, small town and mountain communities. This effort is led by the Colorado Office of Economic Development’s Colorado Creative Industries, the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, the Boettcher Foundation, Artspace and History Colorado.