Meet the AFC Board Members: John Epps

John Epps is an Arts for Colorado member residing in Denver, CO.

Can you please give me a brief overview of your work in the arts?

I just completed my 30th year in arts education in Colorado. I began as a K-12 music teacher in Calhan, then for 18 years in the Falcon School District teaching different combinations of middle school and high school choir, band and drama. The last 10 years I have done district arts coordination for Douglas County Schools and Denver Public Schools. I will be teaching vocal music at Hamilton Middle School in Denver this upcoming school year.


How did you find yourself in the arts?

I started band in 5th grade, and later took piano lessons, sang with the choir and performed in musicals. I have been blessed with supportive parents who encouraged my varied musical interests. I knew as a high school music student that I wanted to make music my life’s work. I worked with my peers and younger students discovering that I could share my passion for music.

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An Interview With Marilyn Leuszler

Marilyn Leuszler is an Arts For Colorado board member and an arts activist residing in Trinidad, CO. I got a chance to talk with Marilyn about her time spent studying art in Japan as well as her thoughts on art in public schools and the latest happenings in Trinidad. Here’s our interview:


Can you tell me about your time spent in Japan? You spent 10 years there?

It was unexpected. My husband was a commercial pilot, the airline industry was pretty volatile at that time and his airline declared bankruptcy. He had a job offer in Japan and we thought, ‘Oh that would be fun until things settle down’. We went thinking we’d be back in a year and a half, and then after more airline bankruptcies in the US, he was offered a long term contract and we just stayed. After 10 years there we spent a year in Brussels.

I studied traditionalAasian arts while we were in Japan, earned national certificate in brush calligraphy, studied silk embroidery, Sumi-e (black ink painting) and other traditional arts. It was a great opportunity more »

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Interview with Kerry Hart President of Morgan Community College

Dr. Kerry Hart is the President of Morgan Community College in Fort Morgan and an Arts for Colorado board member. Hart often wonders how he arrived at his current career.

“Being a college administrator of any sort was never in my original plan,” said Hart. His original plan, from the early age of seven, was to become a musician. As a young boy,  Hart played saxophone in Denver’s Mile High Boys Band. The experience led him to his later role as a high school band teacher. From there, Hart went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in music education from Metropolitan State University of Denver and subsequently taught music for a number of years in various Colorado public schools.

Kerry Hart went on to receive his master of music degree in conducting and music literature and later earned a doctorate in music education and higher education administration from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Attaining his degree opened the door to several college-level teaching opportunities. As his responsibilities increased, Hart eventually found himself in his current position but he more »

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