Colorado Citizens for Culture is the state’s leading voice for the arts and arts education. Through advocacy, research, and collaboration, we give voice to a creative state.


At Colorado Citizens for Culture, we envision a world where the arts are central and indispensable to Colorado. We acknowledge the arts enhance the quality of life, fuel creativity and innovation, sharpen the state’s competitive edge, attract and retain talent, promote cross-cultural understanding, and connect Colorado nationally and globally.

Core Values – Our work is founded on creativity, collaboration, and community.

Arts Advocacy: Colorado Citizens for Culture helps advance widespread support for the arts and arts education in our community.

Arts Education: Colorado Citizens for Culture works to ensure every child receives a well-rounded education that includes the arts.

Arts Research: Colorado Citizens for Culture provides the facts and figures needed to make the case for the impact of the arts on our economy, neighborhoods and schools.

Arts Community: Colorado Citizens for Culture unites and connects the arts sector. We offer networking ideas and inspiration, plus a community of arts-passionate people.

Presidential Portrait to be displayed in the Colorado Capitol

If you would like to contribute to the official portrait of the President to be displayed in the Colorado Capitol, please send your donation via check to:

Colorado Citizens for Culture
2001 North Lincoln Street, Suite 2222
Denver CO 80202