July Legislative Update

Arts for Colorado played a very active role at the capitol this year alongside lobbyist Brandeberry-McKenna. The current level of funding for the Colorado Creative Industries division was successfully maintained at its current level for the 2017-2018 year as there were no public discussions of any cuts to the budget. As the budget climate tightens due to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR), Arts for Colorado will actively be involved in the budget process for next year. TABOR is a constitutional amendment designed to restrain growth in government. TABOR places limits on how much revenue the state can keep and spend, sometimes forcing lawmakers to make budget cuts. To find more information on TABOR, please visit here.

Brandeberry-McKenna, on behalf of Arts for Colorado, actively engaged with and supported three pieces of legislation this session.

  • SB17-107 (Reward Access To Arts Education In Public Schools) was sponsored by Senator Michael Merrifield and Representative Barbara McLachlan. This bill would have created an additional performance indicator that measured the degree to which schools provide access to courses or educational programs in dance, drama, theater, music and visual arts. This bill was lost.

  • SB17-287 (Income Tax Credit for Donation to Endowment Fund) was sponsored by Senator Kevin Priola and Representative Alec Garnett. This would have created an income tax credit for contributions made to an endowment of a Colorado charitable organization. This bill was lost.

  • SB17-257 (Historical Society Community Museums Cash Fund) was sponsored by Senator Dominick Moreno and Representative Bob Rankin. This successful bill will allow for additional spending authority for community museums, specifically for the activities of the community museum.

This direct engagement on behalf of Arts for Colorado continued to increase the organization’s visibility with legislators which encourages legislative champions for the arts. Arts for Colorado invites you to become a member to sustain and enhance arts and culture throughout the state. Your contribution will help ensure there is a voice at the capitol speaking for all arts and culture in our great state!