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Please don’t make the mistake of voting in favor of tax cuts without reading the fine print and understanding the ramifications. We should never take lightly proposed amendments to our state constitution.


I urge all voting citizens to educate themselves about Amendments 60 and 61 as well as Proposition 101, three ballot measures in the upcoming election. If passed, these measures will greatly change the cultural, educational, and infrastructural landscape of our state.


Amendment 60 cuts school funding by more than a billion dollars a year.


Amendment 61 shuts down our ability to build or expand our roads, schools, water facilities and the rest of our infrastructure.


Proposition 101 eliminates a major funding source for road and bridge construction across the state.


These three initiatives will devastate the state and cost us thousand of jobs. Please don’t fall for the less government and lower taxes argument. Vital programs like schools, roads and water treatment facilities are necessary for all Colorado citizens.


Check out for more information.


Karen Gerrity

Arts for Colorado Board Member

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