September Legislative Update

The election season is in full swing in Colorado. Arts for Colorado encourages all advocates to stay informed with the latest Colorado ballot measures and legislation. The following are the approved Colorado ballot measures for 2016:

  • Colorado Creation of ColoradoCare System, Amendment 69
    Statewide Healthcare System: Seeks to create a new single-payer health care financing system called ColoradoCare that operates as a political subdivision of the state.
  • Colorado “End of Life Options Act,” Proposition 106
    Proposition 106 would legalize “Medical Aid in Dying” (MAID) in the state of Colorado for competent adults whose death is likely to occur in the next 6 months from a terminal illness.
  • Colorado $12 Minimum Wage, Amendment 70
    Amendment 70 would raise the State Minimum Wage to $9.30 per hour with a $.90 an hour increases every January 20th thereafter until it hits $12 per hour. After that the minimum wage would increase annually along with the cost-of-living.
  • Colorado Imposition of Distribution and Supermajority Requirements for Citizen-Initiated Constitutional Amendments, Amendment 71
     Amendment 71 would make it more difficult to amend the state constitution by requiring 55% vote approval instead of a simple majority to amend the state constitution except in measures that seek to repeal a constitutional provision, and by requiring signatures of 2% of the registered electors in each state senate district.
  • Colorado Tobacco Tax Increase, Amendment 72
    Amendment 72 would impose a $1.75 per pack tax on consumers and a 22% tax on distributors of cigarettes.  The revenue for said tax will be distributed as followed: 18% to be spent on existing programs, 16% on tobacco education and cessation, 27% on tobacco health effects research, 14% on Veterans Programs, 10% on Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health and 10% on Community Health.
  • Colorado Unaffiliated Elector, Proposition 108
    Proposition 108 Primary Elections seeks to make Colorado’s primary elections open to any registered voter.
  • Colorado Presidential Primary Election, Proposition 107
    Proposition 107 Presidential Primary Elections seeks to replace Colorado presidential nomination caucuses with primary elections.  Each party’s primary election would be open to voters affiliated with that party and unaffiliated voters but not voters affiliated with another party.

If you are new to being an advocate, here is some useful information to guide you through all the terminology.

A ballot measure is a piece of proposed legislation to be approved or rejected by eligible voters. Ballot measures are also known as “propositions”. A proposition is a blanket term for any ballot measure to be voted on by the people – this can be an initiative or a referendum. An initiative is a brand new law or constitutional amendment proposed and voted by the people. It is a law started by the people.

If you vote YES on a proposition, it means you support the proposition and want it to become a new law. If you vote NO, you do not agree with what is being proposed.

If a proposition receives a majority of the popular vote, that ballot measure will become a law the day following the election. The legislature may propose to amend or repeal the law, but must do so through a popular vote.

Be sure to vote on November 8th! You may register to vote here!